Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Werk Stuff! ;-)

I'm taking a break from my usual #traveltuesday post to give way to some company teambuilding activities lately. :)

Laser tag at Market Market!  It was fun!  But even before the activity, I know I'll be kulelat (ranked at the bottom) just like how I was an easy target in the paintball game we did for my previous company.  LOL!  My codename was even Zenith!  What a contrast, hahaha!!!

KTV at Mega Family Pro in Makati.  I love this KTV because of their disco lights effects as seen in the background photo below. :P  Finally, all my "On My Own" practice at home weren't all for nothing.  Haha!

And finally, some extra task I had to do for my job. Gaaaah, I hate shoots for our company's website!!!  I'm gonna be exposed!!!  LOLzzzzzz!!!

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