Tuesday, December 11, 2012


For this Monday, I had decided to post something about my pets.  You all know how much of a dog lover I am and it's my dream to be able to collect a lot of breeds one day.  Somehow it all came true when one of our neighbors gave us a 2 month-old puppy about a month ago.  Here's our baby Troy.  Though our neighbor is claiming otherwise, I think he's just your normal "askal" (asong kalye) dog.  With or without breed, he's still too cute for words.

The only problem I have with him is he's just too CLINGY.  Haha.  He doesn't wanna be left in one floor alone without anyone in it so one time when I had to stay longer in the bathroom, I just took him along with me.  Look just how he fits in the mini sink. :))

Upon learning the news, my old maid Aunt decided to leave her Shih Tzu to our custody.  As she goes to work everyday, she is worried about the condition of Luke and thought that it'd be best for his welfare to be left under our guardianship.  Of course I do love Luke too.  I just hate this one thing about him: he always gets excited whenever you come around him that he just pees right at ya. :))  (Segue:  Ooooh while doing this I made a research and apparently it's called submissive urinating which is a positive thing for dogs.)  Here's one of my capture of Lucas by our stairs.

Then, I don't know how it happened.  One time when I climbed up to our rooftop where the dogs are staying, Donzo (Troy's brother and a lookalike) suddenly joined the canine troop.  LOL.  Here's a cute capture of 'em three as though they really hamming it up for the cam.  Luke's coat was shaved here.

Then fresh from this weekend, my brother brought home another errrm puppy but he really is of the special type.  I'm sorry for being biased, but it's happening even for some parents right?  Where they play favorites with one of their kids.  And I'm not lying, I have a special affection for our Siberian husky Vladimir.  Oh just look at those eyes!!!!

So yeah, it looked like my breed collection was well on its way until I heard a very very heartbreaking news this morning while at work.  Luke died. :((  It was really sad I wasn't able to help crying at work.  Juvenile, I know.  But what can I do???  I noticed the symptoms that something is wrong with him and told my parents but they just dismissed it.  Siiiigggghhh.  He was about to be taken to the vet this morning and apparently he didn't make it.  It's just so devastating whenever I remember how I still was able to pat him on the head around 1 AM yesterday and said something to myself like "you're gonna be okay soon buddy" then suddenly he's gone. :((  I haven't even taken a photo of the four of them together.  =((

Of course while we slowly integrate ourselves into our new house, memories of Betty still come to mind.  I know how her health was sacrificed during the time of reconstruction.  Yes, new memories with the new pets will be build but Luke and Betty will never be forgotten.  Sigh.......

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