Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's That Time of the Year


Wow, I must be really aging or something (haha!!).  I did plan to post about these happenings for last Thursday and it slipped my mind. :))  We all know how December is like right??  Time for happenings. :)

Tutor's gathering at Dolcelatte in QC.  Not the usual place I hang out to but it has a very nice ambiance for functional gathering.  I also wanted to try their pastries and coffee one day. More pics of the place in here.

It's crazy how the company has grown from last year.  There were a lot of tutors who I don't recognize anymore (they joined only this year) and I had to be seated in a table with some of them.  But 'twas okay since part of the job is to be very very friendly so I know they all would be. :)  Although I can always cross Ayala Av to meet the staff, it's always a pleasure to see again those tutors/ staffs that I've become close to like Maria and Terrence below. :)

A regular din din with fam bam at Gloria Maris in Podium.  The place is so far from home but I like less-infested malls and this happened to be one of 'em. :P  Lem is always away for shoots and regional mall tours so it was nice that he made it.  Mama even met some of her co-workers in a jewelry shop she worked for when she was not yet married. :)

Gretch's Despedida in Music Match Ortigas.  Gretch my colleague is taking a maternity leave and on her last day we had a group lunchout at Jipan in Glorietta and since she is one of the best singers here at work (yeah she beat me at that, haha!!) we had a KTV night somewhere again very far. :))  But the place is good too with lots of rooms and shops open 'til late night. :)

She's now in Bohol and has successfully given birth.  So, yays!!  Happy month indeed!! :)

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