Monday, May 21, 2012

Bye Betty.... :,((

She was only 3 years old.  She could've lived up to 5 years more...

Last Friday we lost our "bunso" (baby) to distemper.  I didn't even know there's such an airborne virus for dogs.  I mean how am I supposed to know? :((  When we had brought her with us to the family reunion (she was already very weak then) and had heard about my cousins' tales of how their dogs suffered the same, that's how I learned about the disease.  It's almost like HIV to human.  I guess the house renovation didn't do her well.  She's always out and about trailing behind my father when he was visiting our apartment, that of my brother's or even our remodeled house.

When my brother took her home from the clinic two weeks ago, I saw some sliver of hope.  I remember her trying her very best to get up to greet me and fell, it was heartbreaking.  We were all putting out our bravados whenever we talk to her, I guess you can say that's some sort of pep talk to dogs.  But at the back of my mind, I know the real situation.  I did my own research too and the vet didn't say 50-50 for nothing.  So for the last week while continuing her medications, I made it a point to pass by the other apartment every morning before I leave for work to see her.  But I missed that Friday. :,((  

When I heard the song Won't Last A Day Without You this afternoon, I remember that one defining moment when I was down and a hug from her was enough to made me feel better.  Goodbye Betty, Ate loves and misses you. :(( 

This commandments tears me up even more... =,((

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