Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ubud Palace Continued...


For our last afternoon in Bali, we dropped by Starbucks because we were not satisfied with the Luwak coffee.  Haha!  Nah, the guys had to buy their souvenir mugs for their collection. :)

It's just a few walks away from the Ubud Palace so we were surprised to witness this view just right outside the coffee shop.  Idyllic!!!  Though my photo below didn't do much justice.  I feel like I can just stay put right there and do yoga for an hour!!  LOL!  Nah, just stay there and observe the people admiring the view.  It's too beautiful for words.  :)

On the right side of the photo above is the famous coffee chain but on the left there are some classy restaurants for alfresco dining.  I bet the view is even more beautiful at night with spectacular lights and I found out that there are some cultural dances performed here at night.  Too bad for us passersby.  Haha!

After getting our caffeine fix, off we walked to the parking lot where Xiela is in pain, waiting.  Haha!!  But right there at the parking lot, we can't just resist having our group photo taken with this other architectural view which we don't even know of.  LOL!

I'm assuming that this is another side of the Ubud Palace???  

Then we resigned ourselves to another loooooooooooong journey going home but with the promise treat of night swimming and night party.  That's up next! :)

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