Monday, August 20, 2012


Celebrating the 'rents' 33rd anniversary this month in C2 Classic Cuisine sans Lem as he's a li'l occupied with work during the weekends.  This is already a week delayed celebration coz we've been waiting for his sked to free up for some weeks now..... *sigh*

Well he said he'll make it up next time.  Maybe something grand like what we had last time?? Haha!

Outfit.. a simple LBD I picked from F21 early this year for Sunday worship...looking haggard too after running after the nephew in the mall.. :))

And them sexy T-strap stilettos are something uhmmm "rediscovered".  One of 'em "under utilized" shoes when I ran through my shoeboxes the other day. :P  They're from CMG.

The accessories spell...GLASSY!!! :P

Some dolce far niente this week!!  Howsaboutthat??  Enjoy the holidays eveyone!! =)

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