Saturday, August 04, 2012

For The Love of Leopard

My "It-Bag" :)

If you really know me, you'll understand why it wasn't so hard to resist buying this bag.  The Celine-ish style and leopard print is a deadly combination. XD  Granted, I had to sell a phone in order just to purchase this from a local designer but the leather factor and the horsehair leopard print accounted for it. :)

Recently, not wanting to miss the opportunity to swag it even with the inclement weather, I decided to pair it with my D. Perkins' red, blue and green dresses with a camel coat. :P

Also, I've been wearing my low leopard heels from Aerosoles a lot lately.  I know the dresses would look good with some heels that are a bit higher but they're just too comfortable to reject in principle. :P

They say leopards don't change their spots and so I guess the same goes with my love for their print.  It wouldn't change.  Huh?  Ano daw? LOL!  

Stay dry on this weekend friends. :)

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