Friday, August 03, 2012

Spotlight: Thassia's Blog


She's been on my fashion blog radar for sometime now.  To be honest, I had some hesitations whether I shall feature her in this blog because I really am not so into "high-end" brands.  Hermes bag, Louboutin heels, Chanel flats, name it and she's got it.  Granted, she sometimes dresses up in Zara (which to my eternal wonder  is already considered low-end for them considering the fact that I can only afford their shoes when it's on sale). Haha!  But she's really got some fashion-forward outfit ideas that are invariably stylish and wholly inspiring.  The snoopy side of me would love to find out more about what she does for a living but sad to say me no speak Portuguese.  LOL!  Nevertheless, here's a peek to some of my favorite Brazilian fashion blogger Thassia Naves. :)

What do you think of her style? :)  Have a fabulous weekend. :)

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