Friday, February 24, 2012

Good with Leo & Viper :P

Another Dorothy Perkins dress feature for this #fabfriday!!!  This dress couldn't miss a "Happy Birthday" greetings from our KSP neighbors (those attention-deprived people and not really those medically diagnosed with ADHD, it stands for "kulang sa pansin" XD).

Anyway, been wearing it for quite some time now and I just love that I can dress it up with both leo and vipers. ;-)

I love the belt with horsehair.  It is from Mango and I bought it from Paragon mall in Bangkok.  Most of you knows about my love affair with leo so needless to say, I had wanted to buy it from the very beginning but I was patient enough for it to go on sale.    :P  And when the last piece got sold in the nearest mall during the sale, I was heartbroken but lucky enough to find it in a cheaper sale price during my trip in Thailand. Hehehe.  Them shoesies were the very first  in my  feline collection, bought 5 years ago on sale from Janylin.

And sometimes I pair up that dress too with my viper accessories! :)

I think it's time for the snakeskins to be a hit this year.... ;-)  What do you think???

Tssssssss......... :))  Have yourself a fashionable weekend!! :)


SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

You look amazing in red! And those leopard print shoes = gorgeous. I saw a pair of platform heels at Target with a similar print. If only I could walk in heels...

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

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CaseyCakes said...

Thank you. :) Already checked your blog and joined your giveaway. :)