Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby You're A Firework!! :D

Yey, finally got to watch the pyrolympics in Mall of Asia yesterday with Liz!!!!!  It's been a looooooooong while since you last saw her here. :P  Last night's competing countries were Finland and Portugal.

O diba ang sweet namin??  We're together on the love month watching fireworks along with cuddling couples in the grounds of Mall of Asia.  Aaaarrrggghh!!!  As she said right before we had our photo taken at the Close-Up booth, kami pa rin ang magkasama.  It's still us together in the end, whining and complaining about our love..............errrrrrr, anyway, for me the winner last night was Portugal!  I enjoyed their music and they certainly didn't scrimp on the fireworks. ;-)

After fighting our way with the horde of people, we had dinner at Lugang Cafe!!!!  Who was overly delighted to see a branch of this restau in MOA???? ME.ME.ME!!! Hahaha!! I really really love how classy their restaurants look like.  Their ceilings adorned with caged lights reminded me with one of the previous LV campaigns!!!  Liiiiikkeeeeeeee!!! :D

And since Liz hasn't tried it here before, I can only be too happy to introduce to her their famous Xiao Long Bao! :P  Glad that she became a convert. =p

I once saw this quote in twitter about looking closely when one person smiles coz it's possible to see their pain through their eyes.  I didn't realize it's possible until I personally experienced it last night.  So to Liz, you're a firework girl.  Show him what you're worth. And just like in Katy Perry's song, after a hurricane comes a rainbow.  :D  Stay strong and we're here for you. <3


Unknown said...

The only one missing in this dinner party is me.. lol lol.


PS tonnes of drama happening, but not gonna mention it here lol.

CaseyCakes said...

true!! we miss you!!! lol!!

hahaha!! tell me in FB!!!!!!!!!!! :))

Marta Martins said...

so happy !

CaseyCakes said...

true Marta! Thanks! :D