Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Work Happenings Part 2 :)

a.k.a. #foodtrip

Funny how in my previous WFH (work from home) job, because of the rarity of getting together with friends, every event was considered blog-worthy.  But now, in my new job, I think I'm making up for all those social events I lacked that I've been doing it almost every week. Sigh, my body figure is being compromised.  Hahaha!!!  So where do I begin?  These are the most recent "tambay" ( a Pinoy term for the English word standby) places with the gang.

Moonleaf - There's this new milk tea place that sprouted in The Columns.  So we sometimes hangout there after work.  It's just a few blocks away from the office.  Their lychee Yakult (probiotic drink) is a must-try.

Peach, Moi, Deu, Ferdz and Niko at Moonleaf

Rodic's Diner. - This is probably one of the best Tapsilog joint in the Metro.  Tapsilog for my foreign readers is a combination of tapa (salt-cured beef), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg).  They're so affordable that sometimes Peach, Joms and Niko would order a total of five meals to share between themselves.  Haha!!  Well, that would be my hand right there (with my MNG cuffs :p) but seriously that's not my order. :))  The guys are very well aware now how Peach and I love fried eggs.  We can eat about two per meal. :D

Dinner a deux at New Bombay. - Still is my favorite Indian restaurant!!!  The store manager convinced us to try their Chicken Samosa.  He was betting his bottom dollar (or prolly his rupee haha!!) that we'll like it.  He was right.  But there's no way he'll exchange my ube laasi to mango!! Nooooooooo!!! This was Deu's pseudo treat hence the term "dinner a deux". :P

Chubby's Rib Shack.  - The guys introduced this to me and it seems like this is their favorite hang-out place for grabbing a few drinks after work.  Aside from a very convenient location (just right behind our office building), the waitresses serving here are in shorts, need to ask more?? :P  Their hottest of hottest chicken Armageddon is something to try for first-timers.  I was able to finish three out of the four servings I think.  Yay!!!

Chili's. - The bottomless chips is perfect for their bucket of beer.  I didn't realize they serve the best mojitos though.  This is starting to become my favorite ladies' drink. ;-)  That's me wearing my leather jacket from MNG.  Rock 'n roll!!  Har har!

Little Tokyo - I finally figured a way to get through here by foot from our building.  I remember getting here before by hitching a ride with a friend.  They have a lot of traditional Japanese restaurants here to choose from.  Since it was late and we had a Spidey movie to catch, we opted for the one which can fit all of us.  So here's us at Hana. :)

Clockwise from left: Jace, Moi, Peach, Deu, Niko, Joms and Rey 
Jace, the one sitting on my right, is an enthusiast of everything Japanese.  In fact, 'twas his idea to dine here.  I finally got to try the famous Okonomiyaki which I always hear from my Japanese students.  Also, to add more Japanese vibe we even played the song Sweet Soul Revue and sang along to it.  Hey, I can sing it!  Hahaha!!

Here are some of the foods we ordered:

Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki and Sushi Platter
With all these, I seriously need to get back to my diet and more cardio exercises.  Sigh. :))  But my foursquare activities are very much alive and kicking. Hahaha!!

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