Sunday, July 08, 2012

Because It Was Raining

I had an excuse to don some trench coat in the office last week. :P  I seriously need some rainproof shoes (or boots ala Sandra Bullock's in All About Steve if I can carry them that is, haha!!) because although my older brother was kind enough to take me to work during the heavy rain, I still needed to do the usual commute going home which meant the possibility of coming across puddled streets.  Among the numerous pairs of shoes I have, I thought of my bakya (wooden clogs) from Aldo to save my feet from getting dirty.  LOL!

Seriously KC??? :))  Anyway, the earrings I wore for this ensemble.  I got them from Chatuchak market. :)

Have a fashionable rainy season!  LOLs! :P

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