Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bali Day2: Telaga Waja Water Rafting


The activities at Bali were already arranged when we arrived there thanks to our friend Plok.  So all I knew is that water rafting was the agenda for the 2nd day and as per my late research now, the one we went to which is in Telaga Waja in my cheat sheet "offers a more challenging adventure and will push your adrenaline to the next level" compared to the other popular one in Ayung.  So like what I mentioned in my previous post, I didn't feel any of it. :P  Even the drop of 5 meters at the last part felt like nothing.  Here's a capture from the video which we paid for.  LOL!

Plok, Me, Ali and Joan

We were known as the team "Power Puff".  Hahaha!!  Our group was divided in such a way that all those who wanted a more thrilling type should get together.  And that was us, the tough cookie type.  LOL!  The couple especially Shiela on the other boat had some hesitations and we understand that.  I know how priorities change once you have babies and family and all that stuff. #akalamonakakarelate :))  

Anyway, we stayed in the river for two hours and though the guide often told us to "pedal" (aka paddle, lol!), there's not much need since the river is pretty gentle and requires minimum rowing.  Sigh, the gym buff in me was disappointed.  I was expecting more action.  Hahaha!!  If you checked the video though (and yes it isn't just a slideshow of pics so click click!!! *wink*), there were some LOL-worthy moments wherein the raft got stuck in some big rocks and we had to make it bounce to move. :))  At one point, the guide had to go down the raft and that's when I found out that the river isn't that really deep.  So how am I supposed to have those "oh my gosh the raft turned over I almost drowned" moments which I often hear from my friends who went to Cagayan de Oro.  (Note to self:  must visit soon. :P)  Once again, disappointed. :P  But I really meant it when I said that overall it was jolly fun.  Our team was just singing out loud, laughing out loud and had lots of projection on the camera.  Ali even commented "Ito lang yata yung water rafting na mas marami pa ang kaway sa paddle!"  That was true!  Hahaha!!

Also the scenery down there is amazing nevertheless.  The falls, the forest and the rice paddies are beautiful. :)

the me, the view and the pink paddle :))

Photo above was taken during the break for atleast 15 minutes.  Haha, I remember this was the juncture where them friends were telling the friendly guides that I am an actress (actress with no career) in Philippines.  LOLs!  They were also making "kampay" with the guides here while drinking the famous Bintang beer.  

Me No Beer :P
I may not have gotten the work out I was looking for during the river rafting itself but I got it in the climb up the cliff at the end of the activity.  It was some 400 steps I guess and if not physically fit, that can be a source of complaint for some people.  Truth be told, that climb was a no-match the Insanity warm-up home exercises I was doing then.  LOL!  But this leaves you with no choice because up there is where the buffet lunch will be served and where the cars were parked.  LOL!  Towels will also be provided there if you wanna have a quick shower.   

climb up
But the scenery is once again rewarding up there.  As they say, "Life is a climb, but the view is great!"  Aaaayyyy, kumo-quotes ng ganun si ate!!! Hahaha!!

The lunch was just a little bit of an alright.  Nothing special with the food they served.  You can also purchase your water rafting pictures from there.  So around 2 or 3 in the afternoon where we didn't have anymore planned itinerary, we were grateful to have a driver who was more than willing to take us around.  Our first stop, he asked to us to stop by this place:

Where we got to try the Luwak coffee.  Yays!!  But more about it on the next alright? ;-) be continued...

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