Thursday, June 21, 2012

Uluwatu Temple Visit


The Uluwatu temple is one of Bali's main attractions.  Proof:  I often see this place in my friend's albums in FB. :))  And I believe the tour was part of the package deal of our gorgeous villa. :)  While waiting for the van that will take us to this place, I had some time for uhmmm pictorial inside the villa. ^_^

And thanks to those albums in Facebook, I already have an idea on what to wear in the temple. :P  Just to be safe, I packed in my bag the sheer skirt I got from Bangkok since I'm anticipating some "rental fee" for the long skirts/sarongs supplied in the temple.  It's something I can just layer on to my floral romper.  ;-)

Once inside the van, we were set to discover one of the downside of our villa's location in Seminyak.  The location is not really so close to the tourist spots. :(  We had to travel for one and a half hour atleast to get to the temple.  And with some of Bali's roads being dangerously narrow with just enough room for two cars to pass through, some pretty heavy traffic is expected along the way(oh the memories of Jakarta!! :p).  So what to do while waiting (aside from talking about IPLs that is, hahaha!!!)............

On the way to Uluwatu temple :)
The sight of monkeys by the entrance is one of the signs that you've reached the temple.  LOL!  Scared that I might catch these sneaky creatures' attention, I carefully obeyed the tour guide's instruction to remove anything flashy in me - my cats-eye frames and bejeweled earrings.  :P  Being sacred and all that (it's ancient and strictly for Hindus only), we were not allowed to enter the grounds of the temple.  We only managed to take a group photo by the gate.

If there's nothing spectacular about the temple, what makes this place a must-visit for tourists then?  Well the temple is actually perched atop the bright green cliffs.  Traversing the edge of the cliff, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful panorama of the Indian ocean and the serene view of nature.

Me, Randolph and Carissa - Manila represent!! :))

Heard that the sunset is spectacular from here but sadly we weren't able to catch it.  I think it was because on the way back our group wasn't completely sold in watching the Balinese dance which was slated right after the sunset.   So in the end, only four among us watched the performance and I will blog about it in the next.  Sorry, these are all I can share for now.  Until the next. ;-)


Tisha said...

I think we walked all the way to the cliff in your photo so we'd have a photo with the temple in the frame. Haha.

CaseyCakes said...

Yeah..I think we didn't explore much that side. Haha!! All I remember from your Bali trip is the bungee jump, I kind of forgotten about that photo. :))