Monday, June 18, 2012

Brother's Corner =)

Though it's sad that my brother's not gonna be a part of the second season of this afternoon hit soap, I still can't help but share some updates about it.  I just didn't expect the twist in here, Angelito's happy ending is not so happy after all when he finds out he got his bestfriend/ ex-girlfriend preggers.  *gasps*

Angelito Ang Bagong Yugto is coming soon in TV.  Meanwhile, please continue to support Hiyas.  I know it's unfair that I keep on asking you guys to watch when I haven't had the time for it.  I did manage to catch it though once in the gym while practicing in the treadmill for the half-marathon last weekend and yet I didn't see a single scene of my brother.  LOL!  

Also, please stay tuned for his new project.  It's another Precious Heart Romances series with Denise Laurel and Martin del Rosario.  The pictorial screams sexay!! Ayayay!!!

And I'm also excited for his new TVC.  I'm not allowed to divulge yet!!  But soon you'll find out.  Hihihi. =)  Stay tuned for updates. =P

Oh and yeah, he's got a short stint in Boy Pick-Up the movie too.  Catch it if you're interested! *wink wink*  That's all for now, thanks for reading. :)

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