Friday, June 22, 2012

2nd Half-Marathon: Run United 2


I know that sooner or later I’d have to face this fear.  I've been running away from it for some time now. :P  But as I see the whole lot of runners before me eager beavers to start the run amidst the rain, one thing is certain.  Runners aren’t scared of running in the rain.  I put on my pink mp3 player and let my feet do the talking on the wet pavement.

Well in fairness it wasn’t much of a hard rain on that Sunday’s breaking dawn.  Just the right amount of drizzle to freshen me up as I warm up for the whole 21km route that stretched before me. :P  But I was careful with every steps I made though for fear of slipping or something.  I didn’t even risk running with my pink trainers since I didn’t want it to get dirty.  Haha!!

I just revisited the website for the official results today and yep, my name isn’t in there. L  But basing from the results of my coach who clocked in at 2:40, we were definitely 10 minutes slower than my first marathon.  Sigh.  

To more half-marathons and eventually a full one by the end of this year. ;-)  Happy weekend!! :)

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