Friday, January 27, 2012

Wanted: SLITS!!!


Angelina has always been a fan of thigh-high slits during film premieres and red carpet events.  She was recently spotted flaunting her gams in this Versace number - my favorite gown for the last Golden Globe Awards.  

Here are other favorite examples.  Diane Kruger in a gown by Jason Wu.  I think this look can be easily copied. ;) There's no doubt that slits can really up the sex appeal of floor-length gowns. :)

I was in scour for these skirts when I was in Bangkok (obviously, this is a late post for me. :P)  but all I got instead was the green sheer skirt worn in my last post.  I was thinking, for my last option, I should just be scissor-happy and make a DIY out of it. :P

Anyway, for the last tip on this style, as noticed so as not to make a trashy look out of it the tip is to keep the upper part more conservative. ;-)  Last example below from Atlantic-Pacific.  :) 

Oh, the drama!!!!  Have a fashionable weekend everyone!!!! :)

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