Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Hunger

In total, there are only three defining moments in my life where I fell for this trap of baby hunger.

#1  I know this is too young but I was maybe 15 y.o. then.  'Twas a summer vacation and I and my family were aboard a ship that will sail for 12 hours and take us to our province in the South - Aklan.  (Back then hindi pa uso Cebu Pacific. :P)  It was almost midnight and I was awakened by a baby girl crying next to my bunk bed in our economy class accommodation.  She's maybe like 2 or 3 yo and for some minutes, I observed silently how she was pacified by her mother.  When her crying stopped and probably sensing my eyes poring on her, the baby girl looked and smiled at me and shoot!!  I felt something tugging at my heartstrings enough for me to concoct a plan to steal her when we get off the ship.  Hahaha!!  She's sooooo cute, I wanted to take her home.

#2  Luke-the-American-boy-singing-Bahay-Kubo Youtube sensation blogged a long time ago.  He's a grown-up by now. I wish he'd stay that small and cute.  :P

#3  Just last week.  Meet Hiroko.  My 8 y.o Japanese student.  She was initially transferred to me last weekend because her original choice of tutor wasn't able to teach.  I was super kaduper amazed during the first lesson because she's very fluent in English. :)  But the situation presented also a challenge to me since I don't have that much experience handling playful kids like her.  We just played for half an hour.  =(

In the interest of disclosure, my classes are always occupied by them Japanese engineers who maybe found it an opportunity that they could talk about the "technical" aspects of their jobs to me.  Sometimes there are also Japanese moms who'd often say I'm like a daughter to them.  Awwww, the Japanese are so sweeet!!! =)  So far, I'm enjoying meeting a lot of people through this job. ;-)

So, the second day after our first class, I was delighted that Hiroko once again enrolled  in my class for one hour.  That time I tried to be more in control.  Although there were still some playtime (she introduced her hamsters to me, hahaha!!!) but I tried to draw more from her by asking her a lot of questions and leading the discussion.  And I was soooooooo amazed to find out about her multi-lingual skills!!  Not only at 8 is she fluent in English, she can also speak Chinese, French, Korean and of course Japanese!!  Wow!!!  I was once again overpowered by that desire to have a daughter like her!!!  Hahaha!!!  She's too cute and smart!!  I hope she'd take my class more often. :)

By the way, if you're wondering who's that mouse by the right bottom corner (lol!), that was me in my Minnie headband.  I decided to wear it during the second class to amuse her.  Hihihi!!!  I think I'll make a good pre-school teacher!!! :))

It's been only two days since I last talked to Hiroko and already I am missing her.  :(  I'm confident I am capable of producing a mini Hiroko (hahaha!!!) it's just a matter of finding the right husband, my EQUAL!!!  Asan na ba kaseeeee??????????  Kainezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! XD