Monday, October 12, 2009

Cutest Kid Ever

Alright, since FB has become an extension of Youtube, I had no choice but to watch these re-posted vids of my contacts seen in my homepage. I don’t know until when this phenomenon is gonna last.

But the video that really made my very boring week was, drumroll please, Baby Luke. Haha! Ugh, don’t get me started how low I feel last week. I can’t explain how exactly I feel and the word HOLLOW is the nearest thing I can come up with. I'm not sure what causes it either but I’m positive that This too shall pass. That also explains the lackluster posts last week and I’m surprised even the sites I frequent have nil updates for the last days. Lazy blogging is in! Hahaha!

Anyway, moving on to Luke. I assume that most of you have seen his very cute attempt to sing the Filipino folk song Bahay Kubo (particularly my friends in FB). It’s just different with him enunciating the words kanyabacha (kalabasa – squash), tami (mani – peanut) and watani (patani – bean). Sooooo adorable and cute!

The blond hair, the red lips and blue eyes that light up with the high notes! Aaargh! He’s the squeeziest kid ever! Haha! He should star in that Goin’ Bulilit show, you know those kids that do gag stuffs. :P But then if I see him, I’m surely going to kidnap him! Hahaha!! My friends tell me to just have one of my own. LOLs!

I’ll never get tired of watching Luke when I’m down. He’s such a mood lifter. I was so embarrassed one time I was taking a break from working in a coffee shop and was watching Luke and had this feeling I was being watched. Thankfully, it’s just a girl. She’s probably seen the video too. :D

Kev, if you’ll have your baby make sure to teach him this Tagalog song, I bet he’s gonna be cute too. :P

P.S. Luke is soooooooo gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up, noh? Haha!


Nivek said...

When I was Luke's age, I had even brigther blond hair and blue eyes. I was so cute and now look at me...

Anonymous said...

really? can u send me a picture? hahaha!!