Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It Started With The Hair

I just came across a photo of Taylor Momsen in one of the fashion sites I regularly check. I learned that she's sporting a new 'do for the new season of Gossip Girl (since haven't had time to catch the show at night and will just check probably when the whole season 3 is completed). I fell in love instantly with it and wished for my hair to grow longer immediately, curl it and leave it tousled like that.
And then I searched for more photos and my fashion antennae was twitched when I saw this pic in one of the thumbnails:
Boho chic!!! Aylavet!!!! :)

But then again upon further scrutiny, I noticed that it's not only the dress. You very well know what I'm talking about. It's her Steve Madden suede boots that I can ill-afford but luckily there's a local store that offers the same style.

I got mine in color Mocha. :P And this tells the story of how much I'm more than a thousand bucks poorer today. LOL!

Kevin ( a former colleague of mine from Intel) mentioned from a previous comment that he dreamt of me last week. Haha! Hey kev! Permission to post this story. :P

He said I was leading him into my house and when he entered a room, he said that it was a four-wall of my shoes, tightly packed and the door all of a sudden closed just when the walls started to squeeze him in. And when he was about to be squeezed one last time, he woke up.

Haha! Sorry Kev, I know it's a nightmare but it just sounds ridiculous. I mean, I don't think I can fill up four walls with my shoes?!?! Or maybe I can??? LOL! But I wonder why my shoes are mad at ya?? Must be some silly thoughts going on in your head when I invited you over! Hahahah!! No wonder my shoes were very protective of me! Ha! :P

P.S. I'm not a fan of Little J, I still want that hair (someday, someday) and I really want boho style to be in! Super comfy! That's all. :)


Nivek said...

I'm a celebrity! Guess I should be proud that I made your blog.

Anyhow, I think that you hair is long enough to curl like the girl in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Haha! That's funny! Celebrity! Hey, I always mention you in my blog right?

Yes it's long but its layered so its thin in the end..need to grow it longer.. :)