Saturday, October 17, 2009


You can tell how good the movie was based on the photo below:

(Cat,kailangan talaga nasa bewang? haha! :P)

Too many people ayt? Haha!! *Yawn* It was already half-way through and I was still waiting for the "kick" but nothing came. :( Good thing, the tickets were just freebies! Thanks Joysy! Yihee!! Haha!!

We'll just probably wait for this one. Woot!

(with Tiffany :)

Out Rob, In Taylor! Waaaah!!! Totally diggin'. :P He & Taylor Swift will make a really cute couple!! *Squeal* Hahaha!!!

I talk as though I've already read the series! LOL! Haven't even browsed through a single leaf of it! :P I don't know, I'm not into vampire books.

Had late dinner at Peri-Peri after. And hopefully another lunch will push through this week. So sad another typhoon is coming to the Phils. =(

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