Monday, October 19, 2009

Mix Mix

Ei guys, these are just some random stuffs I wanna share. :)

#1. Lem's guesting in Art Angel. Hahaha!!! In real life, I know my brother has a way with kids. I often see our nephews and nieces soften up to him, but I'm not sure if he'd appeal to the audiences specially working on some art stuffs. Hahaha!! Let's check it out this weekend when it airs. But then, I'll be out of the country so can you please just feedback for me?? Pretty please?? Haha!

Before he left for the shoot, we were "baby-talking" (okay, I know this is another case of TMI and he might kill me if this was being broadcast, hehe, but we sometimes talk like that and thankfully I learned that it's not only us but Joy does it too with her little bro ;) about him wearing the same top for a previously blogged show but he was already running late for the taping. :D
Oh em gee. I can't believe I'm plugging the rival station. LOL!

#2 Friday. Well, I was seated in the train along Edsa when I saw this batchmate of mine board the same train from the other door and she was too far for me to wave and say hi. I hoped that she would somehow drop off in the same station as I was going for a customer visit and thankfully she did. So I waited for her before taking the escalator and we talked for some minutes on the way out. Because she was headed to another place, before parting I told her I'll look her up in Facebook. The addict that I am! LOL!

On the way to the customer's office, I had a flash bulb moment. I realized that she and this friend of mine will make a really good couple. (Geese, I didn't know why I was such in a Cupid mode.) But the idea is just too exciting, I was zinging all over. Already, I imagine myself composing this email to our yahoogroup. Telling him about how their profession are the same. Perhaps cajoling him that both of them are so smart and her reserved personality is just what he looks for in a girl. I was firmly resolved.

Since it was already late when I got home that day (Fame movie), I intended to compose the mail on the next. Unfortunately when I checked my inbox, there's something wrong with the header. She (the batchmate of mine) beat me to it. She already added me as a friend and there's an additional information right after her original surname. Huh? I clicked on her profile and sure enough, there's a picture of a couple staring right back at me.

Naturally, I was shell-shocked but there's another powerful feeling taking over me. I HATE MYSELF. This classmate of mine is the silent and reserved type. She also belongs to the top graduating students of our batch. How can I be so bloody obtuse to conclude that just because she's also smart makes her lovelife as ZERO and BORING like mine?? "Geese KC, just because she's also a smart girl makes her lovelife equally pathetic like yours!!!" - I wasn't able to stop that thought. Gosh I was so ashamed of myself for thinking that way. :( "And that guy friend of yours has probably a very colorful lovelife that you're not very well aware of!!!!!" - That voice doesn't wanna shut up. :( I know that my plan didn't materialize but I feel like a child being scolded. Howell, I'll be careful with my thoughts next time. *sniff*

#3 Red. I'm in LOVE. - with my nail polish. :D My aunt's friend in Canada sent her a coat in this shade. It's my first time to do a deep red.

I once read that a red nail polish is good for some secretarial jobs - you know those that involves a lot of typing because that book was published years ago when computers are not yet common. LOL! Still I took a photo set against my keyboard as a background and uploaded it in my FB. Hehe.

And this is me again, wishing that my lifestyle is enough to maintain that color for the week. Coz you know, there are things to do like laundry (yep, I do my own :) and food that I like eating without the spoon and fork like the very yummy dinner last night. ^^ Or even if say, I avoid those things for a week, I truly believe that I cannot maintain any particular color on the nails coz as it is, mere 20 hours (didn't even last for a whole day!!!!) after the manicure and I noticed that the coats for some were already chipped. XD I believe it has something to do with how brusque I act at times and therefore I conclude, I'm not that ladylike to maintain this aspect of girliness. Though I haven't really taken it off, so glad to have it in photo in all its bloody seductive glory. LOL!

#4 Princess. I don't I have princess-like fantasies when I was young. It might be that I was pretty much realistic when I was little. But dressing up as such won't hurt when you're in this dress. SUPER LOVES!!!!!

(photo courtesy of sea of shoes)

I showed the dress to the Cathy and when she unflinchingly said she'll have it copied, it ought to be clear that her visions of being a princess when she was young was way way vivid than mine. Hahaha!! But of course she was brought up as such! :) Btw, you can click on abovementioned url for high res shots of the dress. Way to appreciate it better! ;)

But then again if a genie appears and asks me for ONE princess-like related wish, I'd rather ask for her kind of love story than having her dress! Hahaha!! Just saying. :P

#5 Ding, ding ding. I remembered someone today. Cathy reminded me of a separate occasion sometime this month last year and it was the last time that I mentioned here "I met someone." I may not be particular in things you see but my point is, I don't hide things here just because of the fear that announcing might jinx things. I don't believe in such. (Oh yeah you don't? Just look at your situation today. - inner voice strikes again!) I mean gosh, love doesn't have jinxes or what, if it's meant to be then so be it. Simple! (Hmm, innuendo! :P) So when I say there's nothing, I really mean it. So back to the guy, I was just thinking if things would be different had "somebody" not ruined it for us. I was back to reminiscing things and sadly, the answer is closer to a resounding NO. But then secretly I hope he remembers me at times. Asa! Haha! Cue in Jo Mari's "Is She Thinking About Me" song. LOL! Not that I'm not over him yet.

So last year huh? I just came to conclusion that I haven't been in a date "for a year?????" SERIOUSLY?? The thought is so preposterous I want to laugh.

Or cry at the same time. Hahaha!!! :D


Nivek said...

I can't believe I have a better dating record than a beautiful girl like you.

Come to the U.S. and I'll take you on a date. And it won't be a pity date either. Haha.

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! pity date? nope..ur going to be my tour guide when i get there! :P


Anonymous said...

lol Casey, certain aspect of your life should be kept a secret.. no date for a year? seesh, you should have told me, and I WOULD HAVE jumped those Brazilian models and given them your number..
next year na lang.. my cousin will get married, and I'll get you an invite.. lots of single guys there right? hahaha.. I'll be your wingman, who'll try to marry you off lol.


Anonymous said...

sheesh Wil, 1st tym u called me in that name..hahaha!! anyway, its no biggie..i've all the time in the world..unlike some other men out there, jumping from one relationship to the!!!!


Anonymous said...

lol!! ya those guys are the worst.


Nivek said...

Yeah I agree with Wil, those guys are the worst. They just need to make up thier damn minds. Who cares if she is a physco bi@&? From hell?