Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tinker Bellazer :P

I once saved this photo sometime last year because it's just SUPER CUTE to dress up like her once in your life. ^^

And the closest dress I have or actually it just reminds me is this, underneath a an "imaginary" bf's (wahaha!) blazer:

Hehe. I love the fringes. ^^

I was googling images a while ago and I was surprised to see Selena Gomez play the role of Tinker Bell. I've been really meaning to put her into this blog because I SUPER SUPER ADORE this girl! I SOOOO want her for a younger sissy. ^^ Actually her face reminds me of my younger cousin in my father's side. Funny coz they have the same name also. I've never seen any of her TV shows or what, only read some news and watched some videos she recorded for her fans (sooo cute!). She was recently chosen as UNICEF's ambassador you know? I love her!

She's the cutest Tinker Bell I've ever seen. ^^

Okay back to packing now.......

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