Monday, October 26, 2009

KK Adv 1: Arrival

My, my. If ever you’re going on a trip with me next time, please remind me not to do the hotel booking coz I suck on it big time! Haha! The place we’re currently staying at is a condotel type. It can accommodate about 6-7 people and I really thought this would be a lot cheaper than having a family room or rent two rooms in other hotel. Besides, my brother is cheapskating on the hotel since I asked him to shoulder the expense. So yeah, it’s one of the reasons why I asked him to tag along. Hahaha!! To help out with the expenses since I already paid for Mama & Tita’s airfares. Haha!! Another thing is to have someone to take me photos since I can hardly rely on Mama & Tita to do that. Because like they always say, "Daig pa sila ni Lola Techie!" Haha! And oh did I mention this is a first family trip abroad?? So glad I was able to make it happen, although Lem and Papsy didn't come along.

Tatuts, kuya & Mama

feeling sexy back! LOL!

So okay back to the hotel, you know my requirements are just simple. A decent lodging with swimming pool and wi-fi provided without compromising our safety of course. And when I found this one, which is about 5 minutes longer from where Wil stayed at last month (my point of comparison), I thought it’s not that really far. I even looked at it on the map!! Geese, I’m really poor when it comes to bearings! :P Btw, since I mentioned him. Please be informed that I DID this booking first. I only informed him of this place when he was in Manila and that’s when he decided to come too. My point is, I didn’t copy him! LOL!

Actually, the room isn’t disappointing - typical condo type with 3 rooms and with kitchen provided. Since this didn’t include breakfast, for the first night we headed to 1Borneo (the mall referred to us by the receptionist), had dinner at Fish & Co with their yummy seafood platter then did some grocery shopping for breakfasts in the supermarket. Now for budget shopping, there’s no question that you can always count on my mother on it. And up to the millionth time, I wonder if I really came out from her. WAHAHA!!!

seafood platter

Since I really didn’t have any itinerary and thought we’ll just figure it out when we get here (wrong move!), we did our shopping the very next day. Whoa! Someone’s very eager to get her hands on some goodies – and that’s my dear Tita! Haha! Well I’ve been to Melaka before and back then we had a very limited time on shopping. Prior to this trip, I receive really good feedbacks and it did quite “upped the ante” so to speak.

But I think I am set for the biggest disappointment in my life.


view outside the hotel:

funny I'll let you in on a secret. :P

Although I believe I already mentioned it in my Korea travelogue. Okay, I know hotels are supposed to guarantee safety and security and everything but I can't help it when I'm in hotels abroad to secure myself by putting something behind the doors. In my case, it usually is the ironing stand and my one hell of a cavan of trolley. Haha!! And when I saw this one night before I slept, I knew my mother did it. I just knew it when I remember her asking me once if I wasn't afraid sleeping alone in my hotel rooms abroad. Haha!! Now I know I really came out from her. :P Paranoid on safety! LOL!


Anonymous said...

ROFL!!!! Putting a chair, or an ironing board to block the door..

No wonder you kept locking my taxi door when we were at the cab together. heheh.

Next time I`m back, I`ll get you a taser as a gift.. scarier than an ironing board, and hurts a lot more :D


Anonymous said...


taser?? what's that????


Anonymous said...

In the movie the Hangover, when the cops arrested them, and had little kids shoot them with a stun gun.. That`s a taser lol.


Anonymous said...

ahaha! is that it?? okay.. for safety! LOL!