Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foliage & Floral

A quick trip to our "garden" revealed that it lacks floral!!! =P

Wearing a sheer skirt I bought from Bangkok, paired with a floral tube top and belt from Dorothy Perkins.  Headdress is actually a floral necklace from Forever 21. =)

I'm not sure but recently I noticed I acquired a lot of green clothing in my closet.  I think the color's starting to grow on me. ;-)  And I'm toying the idea of doing a lot of color-blocking with that skirt. :)

I actually wore that headdress in Bangkok.  It's one beauty of being anonymous in another country I guess, festooning my head with such stuff is just okay.  Nobody gave me ridiculous stares or something, hehe! :P

I love loooooooooong skirts!!!!  Happy long weekend!!  =)  It's Tikoy week for the Chinese New Year. :P

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