Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crave You

Ringing in the CNY holiday with A at Greenbelt. (:

Welcome back A!!!! (:  After the late lunch at Dillinger's, I made him try my favorite bubble tea in the world!!!!  Chatime!!!!! (:

I think he didn't enjoy my choice of Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk though, haha!!  He kept on sipping my Red Bean Milk Tea.  :P  I toured him around Landmark, Glorietta and SM Makati (haha!!) and he bought some kickboxing stuffs.  Afterwards he dropped me off to the gym as he is meeting some other friends at night. (:  I hope you enjoyed the holiday today.  I'd like to end this post by embedding my current favorite song, 

CRAVE YOU by Flight Facilities


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