Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vids Vids!

#travelthursday ( a special case, haha!)

More videos taken in Bangkok, this one is during the Chao Praya River Cruise.  I didn't know that there is a special cruise where you can get to all of the interesting places that is accessible by the river.  On the 1st day, I just wanted to go to the Royal Palace which I missed from my last visit and I was informed by the receptionist to take the BTS then traverse the river.  It was exciting as I was ready to take the trains and taxis only. :P  She was even scared for me to take the taxi (since the drivers might not use the meter) so with the advantage of having a "Thai face", she taught me some Thai words to fool them drivers into thinking I'm a real Thai. :P  You remember the tip "Look the Part" in this post??  It was effortless in my case.  I usually blend in every Asian countries I visit. :P

Here are the other tourist spots which I am talking about.  Perhaps, I should have arrived earlier by the boat station.  I arrived around 12 noon already. Yay! :P  Also, you can see from here the other 9 temples along the Chao Praya River.

The second video is a more extensive clip during the elephant ride.  Maybe during the last time you were wondering who's that guy I was with after knowing that I came there alone.  :P  Well I did go out on a date before but nooooo he's not someone I dated there, LOL!!  He's a very nice Indian guy, a medical student in Malaysia and he was part of the group tour.  We talked about this last Indian movie I saw - Three Idiots.  It's a very good movie and being an engineer myself, I can't help but ask him if that is really how tough to study engineering in that featured school in the film.  O diba, what a topic.  He's a doctor wannabe and I asked him about engineering.  Toinks!!! :D  Please don't mind whatever I was saying in this video.  Silly, silly things.  I also don't know what's so funny we kept on laughing. :))

Promise, those are the last videos.  Nothing more.  Haha!  ;-)


Marta Martins said...


CaseyCakes said...

thank you marta! :)

Anonymous said...

Ate Casey long time :) Nice to know I've inspired you to single travel lol.. Taiwan, now Bangkok.. nice nice.. do Cambodia, or Laos.. I highly recommend both..


CaseyCakes said...

Kuya Wil, LOL!!! Yeah, what happened to you?? Have you fallen off the edge of the earth? Haha!! Yes, yes, you inspired me. Thank you!!! I CAN DO IT!!! Siem Reap is in the plan this year!! Will let you know!!! ;-)

Marta Martins said...

have a wonderful weekend , and thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog !