Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When You Travel Alone :P

Here are some bits and pieces of my Taiwan trip since I haven't really decided how to "travelogue" it. :P

#1  Be a map expert.  I remember before I used to be so useless with maps, haha!!  But since I had to rely on myself on this trip, I made sure to really focus on the directions and be extra attentive to my surroundings.  Specially during my arrival since we landed Taiwan at around 1AM in the morning.  And I opted not to take the taxi from the airport to the city since it'd cost me an arm and a leg.  LOL!!! It'd been easier if all the people speak English but even if I took some Mandarin lessons months ago, I never really get to practice the language and can only speak the useful phrases.  And get this, when people would speak to me in long and fast Mandarin, I give up on trying to understand them and would just reply with a very simple, "wo bu zhi dao" which means I don't know.  Classic!! Hahaha!!!

#2 Buy silly stuffs in night markets.  :P  I'm so guilty at this, I remember I also did the same thing when I was in Bangkok.  I wasn't satisfied with my night shopping though coz most of the stuffs they sell when I was there were winter clothing.  :(  I wasn't even able to find a miniature Taipei 101 building for my personal souvenir.  But tell me how cute are these sunnies?  Haha!!  It screams Lady Gaga in her video Paparazzi.  :P

#3  Look the part.  Hahaha!! My face is so Asian that most of the countries I've visited to often mistake me for a local (even my Japanese students tell me I look Japanese (????), so this time I opted for a Korean look.  Why?  Because there were a lot of Korean tourists during my stay in Taipei.  They're omnipresent!!  Why???  :P

Actually, I was just goofin' around with the camera in the above photos after resting from a tiresome temple visit and just thought of sharing them here.  LOL!  Don't take my  tips seriously.  :))  Until the next proper blogging! ;-)


Mia Relógio said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Nice lipstick ;)

CaseyCakes said...

You're welcome. Thanks for the comment as well. :)