Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bits of My Thursday

Though most of what happened last Thursday were already published in my FB account (P.S. Mobile uploads can be very addicting.  LOL!), I'd still like to keep an account here in my blog.  It all started with this controversial status update about how the driver told me this "Ma'am sa'n po ba ang fashion show natin?" in the morning.  I didn't take it too negatively though.  I was just wearing a dress for crying out loud.  :))  I mean, 90% of the time you'd see me in a dress.  They flatter me more than jeans/shirts or slacks/collared blouse combo do for a corporate attire.  And yes, the colors and style may be non-corporate but I didn't wear it for work.  I was going to buy a gift for a friend's wedding in Powerplant Mall, it's just that I had to pass through Joy's office in HTC Makati first.  

Upon arrival at the 12th floor of their building, I finally understood the reason for the extra effort in dressing up that morning.  Hihihi.  Rov F. was in the house.  I knew it!!!  It was intuition!!! Yay!!!!  The girls had to wait for the meeting to get over before..............

Yiheeeeeeee!!!  Hahaha!!!  In less than the time it takes to pronounce his name Rovilson Fernandez, I was already hailing a cab going to Rockwell after the photo-op to meet someone who'll help me pick the gift for my friend's wedding.  There's a cooking shop at the ground floor where I've got vouchers for and given the fact that I'm useless in the kitchen, it's for certain that I need someone else's help.  Cue in NJ.  LOL!! But tell me, how cute are these utensils being sold at Cook's Exchange???  Just the mere sight of them makes me wanna get married learn how to cook already!!!  LOL!!!

I die at the chopsticks!!!! Soooooooo cute!!!! :))

We had lunch at Kulinarya while I was waiting for someone to deliver me my first designer brand shoes!!  Ayeeeeeeeee!!!  So excited to show it to you but prolly in the next posts. ;-)  Afterwards, we went to see Tom Cruise's Ghost Protocol which had me coughing up a few laughs and had me wow-ing at the feature on Burj Khalifa (aaaah someday, someday!!!) oh and on Cruise's stunts as well. ;-)

After bumping into some friends from the gym, I had to call it a day as I had to go straight to Laguna to meet up my bestie Joyeeeeeee who's here for a vacay and NJ had to attend his couz's wedding (who's also a member of my org in college!!  Small world right?).  Sigh, so many things happening this December!!  Always a crazy happy month! :))

And for my final picture, be the judge.  Come on tell me, manong driver was just exaggerating with his statement diba???? ;-)

Enjoy the weekend you guys!! :D

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