Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We interrupt your regular "KC programming" (lol!) to give way to some #shameless plugging.  Hahaha!!!  And so, spoken like a seasoned pro,

"Mga kapamilya, patuloy niyo pong subaybayan ang Angelito.  330-4PM po pagkatapos ng Helena's Promise."

Hahaha!!  Why do they always say it like that??  Anyway, I finally saw one of my brother's episode in the said show this afternoon and so I now have the right to blog about it.  :P  He's been airing since  last Thursday I heard and he portrays Arthur, a friend of Angelito (JM De Guzman).

I was teasing him that the role of a construction worker suits him.  Nyahaha!!  Angelito: Batang Ama's story revolves around a young man, Angelito (JM De Guzman) who becomes an under-aged father and  his obstacles in life.  Please like the show's fan page here to know more details about the show and also if you'd like to meet the cast in their mall tours.  :P  I remember Lem talking about how nervous he was when his name was called and the crowd was cheering for him at SM Nova. ;-)

And for the last photo,

Oh em.  JM is soooooooo gwapo noh sometimes I'd like to ask my brother to take me to the set.  LOL!!  I already had a chance to meet Jason last time and I was surprised how he can be the quiet and reserved type in person as opposed to the character he usually portrays.  :P  If you have a little time as well, can I just ask a teeny favor??  Please report this account as fake to FB.  Thank you. :)

Keep on watching Mga Kapamilya. :)

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