Thursday, December 22, 2011

VJ's Wedding

For some other people, this is the perfect season to get married.  While for some, like me, it's the time to uhmmm attend their weddings.  :P  ( No drama in here, lol!)

Last Friday, I had to run to make it to my friend's wedding reception at H20 Hotel in Manila.  I came all the way from the south - an overnight stay at my bestie Joy's house, went home to change, rushed to the mall to prepare the gift then finally made a dash to the hotel.  Whew!!  As tweeted, running is turning out to be not only a hobby of mine, but is already the story of my life.  When did life start to become so busy??? 0_0

Anyway, VJ and I started to become friends during our sophomore year in high school.  My first impression of her wasn't that good because on the very first day of our 2nd year, she took my desired seat and transferred my bag to the vacant seat which happened to be right infront of the teacher's table while I was out of the classroom.  LOL!!  But being both transferees to the first section (we were both acers from our respective freshman's section, naks!), we eventually got along well and were later known to be David and Goliath.  :P  I also have fond memories of our gaga days over our varsity players in MIT High.  ;-)  We got separated in our senior year and went out with different set of friends during college but got reunited for a thesis in college which if I remember correctly is about Microwave Transmission (????).  Haha!!  During project overnight days, we were both accompanied by our uhmm respective boyfriends then, who is now her husband Louie.  (Again, no drama in here.  Haha!!)

10 years of being together (and still counting), ain't that amazing??? :)  I was actually touched that she remembered to invite me.  She had to remind me like really really way ahead of time so as to make sure that I don't make any plans.  Hehe.  I believe she's somewhat updated with my life through this blog. :)

I believe I read in a book before that etiquette suggests that if it is possible, you should align the color of your dress to the motif of the wedding.  And for that, I can only be too happy to oblige and wear my favorite purple silk chiffon dress.  :)

Okay, please don't hold it against me.  It's just that I often see people wear all black in a wedding.  For me, okay I repeat for me, I believe it is not appropriate.  Black is such a mourning color and that's why I don't think it should be worn for joyous occasions like that in my humble opinion.  This stems from an experience when I was younger.  I was supposed to attend a funeral of a relative somewhere in Bataan and I was only able to pack an orange dress (Yes, an orange!!  Forgive me what did I know then I was I think 9 yo?).  In the end, I decided not to join the funeral 'coz I only have with me a happy color.  There.

Anyway, it was so nice to be reunited with my high school/ college friends again. :)

Ruel, Me, Anna & Vaughn
That huge aquarium behind us is one of the out-of-the-box experience (according to the blurb :p) of this hotel.  Someday I hope I get to try their hotel's Aqua room. ;-)

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the couple Louie & VJ Salud.  :) I don't have a shot of them from my cam as I was ashamed to go around taking pics so I stole this very nice photo of 'em from their FB.  :P  Lurve her gown's details, it's Veejay Floresca's design. :)

I accessorized my dress with clear glass stones. :)

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