Monday, December 12, 2011

35th Milo Marathon: My 10K Run

Oh-kay.  So the new style now for guys to be noticed by a girl in a fun run is to STAY BESIDE her and keep up with her pace.  XD  I swear there was this one guy who kept on positioning himself beside me during this run.  It'd almost appear in the photos (if there are any) that we are doing a "buddy" run.  Heck, we could've been considered a couple to some other runners!!  I don't know what was his purpose as my "small talk" capability is totally blocked by my pink Sony mp3 player. :P

To make things more fun, I tried to do some tests.  During the first water station we passed by, I didn't get myself a drink so as to actually leave him.  :P  After a few seconds, he emerged successfully and re-appeared beside me.  Hmmm...okay.  I noticed upon the sight of the second water station, he tried to run a bit faster thereby overtaking me prolly to buy him some time to drink and perhaps to still keep up with me by the time I pass through it.  Hmmm, smart move I guess.  I still didn't stop to drink.  :P  I also observed that whenever we would overtake a group of runners infront of us, he'd actually make a way for me to pass through so that we could still run together.  What was up with that????  But ALAS, on the third water station, somewhere pass the 7km mark, he stopped for some thirst quenchers (I still didn't) and he didn't resurface anymore.  HAHAHA!!!  SUCCESS!!!  :))

Not that I actually hate him for what he was doing.  It was just fun challenging him.  Haha!!  I hope feminism won't strike me down but I still believe that men have the edge when it comes to running.  (I've seen it with two of the men I've run with).  Initially I was thinking that this guy was actually just downgrading his pace by keeping up with mine.  And I'm not a fast runner I promise.  But it seems that his stamina wasn't enough to beat mine (lol!) and for that he failed my test.  :))  If it's my attention that he was aiming for though, obviously he got mine simply for smelling so good.  LOL!  Yes, I give him credits for that.  Hahaha!!!

Further credence that I'm not a fast runner, my official time logged is 1:07.  Aaargh!!  Why is it so hard to get a sub-1 on a 10k????? :-|  I never stopped on all the water stations you know!!!  But the worst thing is, I was supposed to run a half-marathon for this event and so my time was logged in the 21k category that I actually belonged to the top 5 finishers.  Yikes!!  This is so embarrassing!  I don't know how to ask them to remove my name in there.  Hahaha!!!

My coach NJ stood me up on this run.  :P  He wasn't able to wake up on time??  Seriously, what kind of coach is that??  Hahaha, kidding!! :))

This would probably me my last run for the year.  Second 21k, I'll prepare for you on 2012! ;-)

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