Thursday, December 01, 2011

Teachers' Gathering :)

Mabuhay!!! I'm back in Pinas! :)  Just in time for me to attend a gathering with my co-teachers for my Japanese company at Golden Fortune restaurant in Manila. :)

And as seen from below the highlight of the night was - me belting out to Out Here On My Own by Irene Cara.  Hahaha!!! No, it was actually meeting my other co-teachers.  It was a very good opportunity since we all work from home.  So I was able to make some new friends. :)

Haha, okay so I did sing for the contest I badly miss the karaoke.  :P  And I figured it's one good way for the other 60+ teachers out there to remember you. ;-)  I was shaking during the song though 'coz I really didn't volunteer myself you know. :P  But I had fun meeting all these pretty ladies and got amazed with their wits during the games.  The best for the night was a game of translation of profound Tagalog salawikain (naks!!!) or proverbs in English.  The time was limited to 10 seconds so the others just came up with their best lines.  And the winner for me was:

Tagalog proverb:  Ako ang nagtanim, ako ang nagbayo at nagsaing, nang maluto'y iba ang kumain.

In English it would've been something like (according to a reference :p) "I did the threshing, I did the cooking, but once served, someone else eats it."  And during the game, one of the tutors answered:

Tutor:  No Other Woman.

Aylavit!!  Hahaha!!! WINNER statement.  LOL!  It would take time before this gathering happens again. 

Last photo.  I wore my orange combo for the night.  Happy annoying orange.  Hehe. :P

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