Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fashion Friday: VS Girls

Literally a fashion show for today, haha!  This is a perfect weekender clip for all of you.

1.  An upbeat song that will make you dance to this Friday night - Moves Like Jagger.  P.S.  Still is my current ringtone and wake-up tone. :P
2.  Sexy Victoria's Secret bombshells in swimsuits!!  Thin-spiration for girls and will surely elicit an ooooh-lala expression for men out there. :))
3.  ADAM LEVINE!  My other BOYFRIEND!!!!  Hahaha!!!  I lost count how much I tweeted I love you to him in Twitter!!!  HAHAHA!!!  P.S.  Ryan said he's not jealous.  LOL!!! :))))))))
4.  Adam planting a kiss on his girlfriend at 2:03 mark!  Awww, how cute and sweet was that???  Don't you just love sudden display of affections like that???  I soooooo love you ADAM!!  Hahaha!!!

Happy weekend y'all!!!! :D

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