Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Off to Somewhere Wintry

Each year, I try to make it a point to go somewhere relatively colder because I like dressing up for winter season.  :P  It's one way to make better use of my clothes, you know, layering and all that stuff.  Haha!!

As you all know, Joy and I cancelled our Korea trip two weeks ago but this time I'm not backing out on this trip as I've wasted a lot already this year.  So, ladies and gents, welcome to the second city that I am currently braving alone - TAIPEI!!! :D

Sigh.  So hard to take pictures when you're alone noh?? :))  But thankfully I wasn't the only one.  There were a lot of people in the Horticultural Expo (for whatever it means, haha!!)  Park in Yuanshan station doing the same.  One old woman even brought her tripod and some were taking shots using their tablets. :P      This is one of the highlights of my solo sight-seeing today. :D  I love flowers!!!! ---<@

And you shall hear more about the trip in the coming posts. :)   谢谢 (xièxiè)!! :)

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