Saturday, November 26, 2011

HSBC Fun Run w/ A :)

It may truly well be his first fun run but boy, the guy could certainly run fast!  Why am I even surprised about this?  He's a Muay Thai boxer c'mon.  Jeez.  XD

Initially he just wanted to do a fiver and no amount of convincing on my end would make him run a tenner.  So what I did was secretly sign us both for 10km and tell him about it on the last minute. :P  Shady eh?  Haha!  But he still didn't budge.  Luckily, once we were inside the assembly area for 5km (I was the one persuaded at the end.  XD When he told me he might lose his muscles,  I was like, of course he couldn't lose his muscles. :P), he looked around and observed how there were kids joining the 5k category and then suddenly changed his mind.  I almost wanted to punch the air when he said "Okay let's run 10k."  Hahaha!!!

That being told, I thought I could do better than him.  But he's already on the lead even at the onset.  I thought this set-up is better.  Like you know, having a great view of his sexy back while running.  LOL.  But I was utterly wrong.  I instantly wished I could run faster than him coz everytime he'd turn around to check up on me, I didn't want him to see my game haggard face.  So there I was resorting to making up some different wacky faces instead.  Naubusan ako, hahaha!!!

For the first forty-five minutes, I managed to keep up with his pace.  Translation:  I can still see him within my line-of-sight.  LOL.  (Thankfully he's clocking in at 6'1".).  But at the sight of the last 2km sign, I don't know but something happened.  He just propelled along until he was out of my sight anymore.  In the end, he finished at 59 minutes (my target record of a 10k, a sub-one!!!!) and I followed four minutes after.  Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggghhhh!!!!  What can I do?  I met my Kryptonite the moment he was gone. :(  

After the race, he explained to me what happened when he took off.  He said he saw an old lady in a wheelchair being pushed by someone in Mall of Asia (which is the starting point of the route) while enroute back.  He just realized how grateful he should be for having a good health and for simply being able to walk and run and that thought directly translated to his speed.  Awwww, very nice! :">

Gonna miss him when he comes back to his country by next week.  :c

galit po kami. :P

A's sexy back and the Natori design of the singlet. 

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