Saturday, November 19, 2011

Robot Restaurant

This restaurant is quite famous for its party scenes and heavy celeb clientele as often seen in the Lounge section of Preview magazine and I know within myself that it’s only a matter of time before I check this out.  Haha!  This is a modern Japanese restaurant that is easily located behind The Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati.  A and I spent a night there last week for some dinner and drinks. ;-)

Below are some of the foods we degusted, yay!  The tiger prawn tempura popcorn ( a favorite!), skewered squid, the spicy tuna roll, chicken teriyaki, braised shortribs, mango cheesecake and some signature Lady Gaga drink. :P Food coma!  Haha!!

A lot of photographs can easily depict that “futuristic” interior design of this restaurant, but I believe it is something that you have to experience and see for yourself.  Take for example that ceiling which is made up of thousands of incandescent bulbs but with only a few being lighted.  A and I were wondering if the whole place is gonna explode if they turned it all on.  Haha!!  You can see it from his pic below. :P

They have comfy leather seats and a kitchen viewing mirror window where you can view the actual food preparation – a type of restaurant in Japan called robotayaki hence the derived name of the resto. 

After the dinner, A and I moved to the bar area with its sleek silver high chairs and glass tables and I made sure to position myself right where Anne Curtis delivered her famous “I’m not gonna give him up without putting up a goddamn fight!!!” line in No Other Woman. Hahaha!!  Just when our drinks were served, the ceiling brightened up with a strong hue of red (it changes to different other sexy hues as well) while a DJ is cranking up some beats at the back.  Nice!  This one’s a Molome moment. ;-)

The see-through glass floor is something worth mentioning as well.  It is made up of something like a backlit "stone garden" that gives that Zen feel which is quite a contrast from all the other interiors.  It made me a bit conscious while walking in my black pumps. :P  

Warehouse lace dress, MNG skinny jeans, Zara pumps

And of course, I will not pass up on the most titillating part of the restaurant, the washroom.  Hahaha!!!  It's mirror-tiled mosaic washroom with a robotic arm.  I don't know but I first thought of Lady Gaga when I went inside.  LOL!  On my first touch-up, I was vacillating if I should bring my camera but after I emerged out of one cubicle and saw a girl having her photograph taken by the waiter in the washroom, I decided it's but perfectly okay.  Hahaha!!  So here it is, 

How flashy is it??  LOL!!  For those of you who are soooo into bright lights and shiny things like me then you'll definitely enjoy the sensory experience here at Robot! :P


Elizabeth said...

Holy Smokes! That bathroom is incredible!

CaseyCakes said...

yeah it is, haha! :D