Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn at RWM

"No measure of time is long enough with you, so let's start with forever." - E.C.

Awwwwww.... I can't believe I was able to score tickets last Friday to first screening of Breaking Dawn through this deal website.  It was absolutely free as in no there's need to pay anything and the premier was at Newport Cinemas in Resorts World Manila.  When I purchased booked the tickets, I wasn't thinking about any catch though.  I was thinking they just wanted to promote the place and I haven't tried their cinemas there so without any guaranteed companion I maximized my account by getting three tickets.

The catch for me though was finding friends to watch the movie with, haha!  Two days before Friday and none of my friends can uhmm take an emergency leave (lol!) to go with me.  Not wanting the tickets to go to waste, I asked my mum and my older brother (who has the same work set-up like me :p) at the last minute to come and join me.  Hehe.  :P

This pleated coral pants from Topshop is quite challenging to dress up so I tried some color-blocking scheme by pairing it with my favorite yellow top from Mango.  I had some snakeskin (yet again! :P  Well they said it's gonna be next after the leopard haha!!) accessories. ;-)

Apparently, there were a lot of people who had free screening tickets as well but still we were able to get seats for the 3PM sked instead of the 1PM stated in the voucher.  We had some quick late lunch at Tao Yuan at the 2nd floor and I can't believe I finally found the place that captures the taste of my favorite fried prawn mee in SG!  Yummy! :D

Still not a fan of the whole thing but I enjoyed the movie, I still hate how stubborn Bella is and Jacob can still be mine.  Wahaha!!!

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