Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion Friday: GPV

Is it wrong to ask for a photographer for a boyfriend???  LOL!!  I noticed that most of these famous fashion blogs I subscribe to have their respective SOs for their accomplice.  Sometimes I wonder about their love story, is it something like the photographer fell for his model??  That's like the biggest cliché in the world.  I mean, even Olivia Palermo's hot bf Johannes Huebl takes her shots and she publishes it in her official blog.  Hmmmm, please take note future bf.   Hahaha!!!

Anyway, my new blog crush is Nicole Warne's of Gary Pepper Vintage.  She was a nominee for Most Influential Blogger of the Year.  Nice. :)  Her blog is also her official website for her vintage shop so she basically models her items there.  I like how she recently plays with colors.  She's very pretty and reminds me so much of our local actress Heart E.  Now here are some of my favorite shots of her.  Aaah there were too many so hard to choose. ;-)

Click More for some of my other favorite shots of her:

Happy viewing, happy bloghopping and happy weekend!!! :D

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