Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HTC Beats Launch

The event I attended to last Friday at Republiq was none other than the launch of one of the coolest smartphones of HTC, the HTC Sensation XL.  This phone with a large 4.3-inch S-LCD screen boosts of a powerful 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and sorry but I have to drop all the amazing features of this phone just to give way to my most favorite one - the Beats audio technology!!!!

Yep, for all the music aficionados out there, now this is the real deal!  HTC partnered up with Beats Electronics (the company responsible for the iconic Beats by Dr. Dre) to create that superior mobile audio experience.  So the users can "feel the music the way the artist intended."  Love it!  It's definitely going to be a new era in mobile audio.  So what are you waiting for?? Go buy now so you can officially sing to that BEP song, "I'll be Rocking Them Beats!"  Yeaaaaaaaaahh!!!! :D  I sooooo want the pink beats headphone!! :P  You may click here for the price and the phone's full specs. :)

More pics from last Friday:

Joy & I

Hanna & I with the Riches of The Amazing Race Asia ;-)
By the backdrop: I, Joy, Hanna & Ms Yam :)
Rocking some orange Beats with Hanna & her hubby :)
Party people at Republiq. ;-)

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