Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nike I Run Manila

They say the more the merrier.  I agree.  But really, 8k runners??  Just for one category - 10k?? But were the organizers of this event able to anticipate what will happen during the run??  It looked like an "Alay Lakad" for the first few minutes.  In some deep Tagalog, we would describe it as "hindi mahulugang karayom."  Naks!  Haha!!

We decided to leave our things in Fitness First at the Fort.  It was my first time to visit that branch and as expected after the run, I overheard a girl complaining about it in the locker.  She opened her whining in conio language with these words, "OH. MY.  GOD.  I therefore conclude, I am claustrophobic."  Hahaha!!!  Perhaps in another time and place, it would've irritated me that these rich kids who don’t have any experience of riding the LRT/MRT (coz the crowd kinda reminds you of a ride in the tube in the morning, lol!) is complaining about such a petty thing.  But she has a point.  I mean really, I did not sign up for this run just to feel what it’s like to ride the LRT during the morning rush coz I very well know the feeling thank you very much.  :P  I know a lot of people appreciated how the sea of runners painted the roads red (bordering neon orange actually) with that Nike shirt on but maybe they should’ve opened more categories for the run if they really wanna pride themselves with hitting that number - 8K (coz I believe they extended the registration date).  Phhhbt.  XD  Seriously, some of the participants were even on their phones texting and calling.  Again, from that same girl in the locker, “Where’s the sense of urgency people?”  Hahaha.  I mean, come on, I saw coach Rio in one of the routes but decided against stopping from the run just to have a photo-op with him.  And yes, I did bring my camera while running.  Hahaha!!  

In times like this, you’d appreciate having a statement of your own.  I saw one old woman who channeled a Nicki Minaj by donning a pink wig.  So cool.  Haha!!  Because if not and without your race bib pinned infront of the shirt, then how would you identify yourself from the photo albums of the photographers?  And yes, that is my point.  Hahaha!!!  It’s something I was not able to anticipate for this run.  As well as the thought that it starts at 5PM, it was so hot when it started I forgot to slap some sunblock on my skin.  Or have any visor or even bring my pink Sony Walkman!  Aaah, signs of aging.  Hahaha!!

Well eventually the night wore on (my first to join a night run) and it became a bit breezy then in the evening but my goodness, the roads were poorly lit!!!!  It wouldn’t take someone with half a brain cell that it’s dangerous, I hope nobody got injured from stepping onto something in the dark and slipping.  Err, not all the routes are smoothly paved you know.  Tsk, tsk, tsk!

I'd like to highlight that they provided some party-rocking music in some parts of the route but I was totally dismayed when they handed a letter at the finish line saying that the freebie of thumb drive (in the form of a Nike rubbershoes, so cute) cannot be received in the same day and will just be delivered to our home addresses instead.  Something about a delay in production, is it because of accommodating too much runners????  This thing did not happen in We Run Singapore.  Just saying.  :P

Okay, okay, okay. Enough blabbering.  Let me just end it with a photo. ;-)  It's your city, run it!  Saaabeeeeeeeehhh???? :))

Let's see how the Adidas KOTR will turn out this weekend. :)

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