Friday, October 21, 2011

Sensei KC

It’s confirmed.  I’m fulfilling one of the things I envisioned myself doing when I was still studying in college – teaching! :D  The set-up is different though, instead of doing it in a traditional classroom, it is conducted 1:1 online.  And I am not teaching a technical course, but rather one of my favorite subjects next to Math – English.  Lastly, my students are located very very far away – somewhere in Japan. :P

I’ve seen these jobs featured on TV before.  Apparently, the demand is so great and the country undoubtedly has got too much talent to offer on this hence the boom on the industry of offshore / outsource language learning services.  Well why not?  After completing my basic Mandarin classes, I learned how important it is to practice the new language you just studied.  And given the expensive fees on English classes enrollment in Japan, this kind of e-learning is definitely the way to go.

While yes I said that almost everyone may possess the basic skill of English proficiency, still this job is not for everybody.  You’ve got to have the heart and the passion in order to become an effective teacher.  Not that I’m saying that because I consider myself as such but I intend to be one.  ;-)  I don’t know I’m just excited about it, after almost a month of training I’ve had regular students who keep on coming back to my classes which I believe is a good indication. ;-)

I also like the working set-up in such a way that I do it in the very comfort of our home and only during my free time.  ;-)  I’d like to discuss more but I’ve just officially boarded this week and I’ve got so many things yet to encounter.  They say learning is a two-way street and I'm very eager to share my knowledge to my students and also get the most out of them. :)

Oh, here's what my profile looks like in our company's website. :P


Anonymous said...

lol nice find Deng.. congrats on your new part time job. If only you spoke English when we met a few years ago, I'd understand what we were talking about LOL!


CaseyCakes said...

HAHAHA!!! So mean!!! Hey, my Japanese students understand me, LOL!