Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Real Steel/ Kashmir =)

Surprise, surprise.  This movie is such a delight.  =)  I like that they infused it with some twists about robot dancing, I was chuckling on those parts, haha!!  And that cute boy Max certainly has a future.  :P More than anything else, of course Hugh Jackmann, what's not to like about him? ;-)

I asked A out because he told me Hugh is one of his favorite actors.  Also, I knew he can relate to the film since he is into Muay Thai.  Actually,  there was this one time I was looking into A and then all of a sudden told him he has a resemblance with Mr. Wolverine.  I made a collage of it (click More below, haha!!!)  He shrugged the thought at first but I just knew deep inside he's flattered.  Wahaha!!!

This movie has that "astig" factor.  Astig can be closely translated to kick-a**.  But sorry, the real steel for me would have to be the one I'm beside with. :P  Ah, the feel of those arms beside mine. :))

We had dinner afterwards at Kashmir.  I've been craving for Indian food for the longest time and it was only satiated last Friday.  If I'm not wrong it was voted as the Best Indian restaurant last year so it was worth trying.  And I was surprised when I went inside their Manila branch, I didn't expect it would be a "fine dining" experience.  I like the design of their interiors, very pleasant with a soothing Indian song playing in the background  that is so "soul-stirring" according to their website. :))

It was late when we arrived since we were not that familiar with the location [while we were lost out there looking for it, A regaled me with a little history about the place Kashmir in India ;-)] and we chose to be seated in the couch behind the curtains. ;-)  We ordered some of their best sellers like the kebab and what a surprise that it is both our favorite, the chicken tikka masala.  ;-) On the side I asked for some of the things I sooo longed for: the poppadom, the buttered naan, the laasi.  Aaaah!!! =)

Some of our topics include Korean languages, haha!  We talked about Korean words in a Middle Eastern restau.  This guy simply amazes me with his knowledge on languages. ;-)

And for the look-alike photos, here it is.  Ssssssssshhhhhhhh!!!! :))

Something wrong with my eyes or what??? Hahaha!! 

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