Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Let's Cruise :)

Spent the Wednesday evening last week with my family for a dinner cruise along Manila Bay.  It was nothing fancy-schmancy although it wasn't exactly a "buffet" type as they claimed in the deal.  XD  But the food was good and it was a welcome change for a regular supper held at home. :P

Obviously, there's nothing extra special with the view at night.  LOL!  We're supposed to ride around 6PM but the folks were late (uuugh!) and so the sunset view was gone and we had to take the second batch at 8PM.  

Hay naku.  Mama is too nosy.  She has this thing for asking around and investigating (note to self: future bf must be warned, lol!) so while waiting for the food to be served, she talked to some of the crew and learned how much they were getting.  Imagine that!  But it was sad knowing how much they were being paid per day.  :(  So before we get off the ship, she asked for the number of the crew and promised to refer him to someone we know for a chance of having a better job.  Sigh.

To end with a happy note, let me leave you with this pix.  Care to ride if I'm the captain?  Hihi. ^^

Another long weekend without a plan for me. Sigh.  Hope you're all having a good one. :)

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