Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Friday: Where There's A Mirror

Haven't posted any outfits recently.  Here's a compilation and a brief explanation why they're memorable.  ;-)


Worn last Sunday meeting after the 21k run.  Legs felt absolutely fine (I love it when there's no pain after a run!) and I was able to sashay in these blush Zara heels.  Vest is from F21 and black tube dress from MNG. ;-)

Worn at a meeting about a month ago.  Had to pull off an "Anne Curtis" (according to my sales manager) by taking the tube coz I was utterly late for my meeting I can't find a cab.  I was even stationed in the men's tube wearing this during the morning rush.  Gosh, what an experience.  I usually take the LRT alright but not in the men's and certainly not in this form.  LOL!  Pleated pants from Topshop and nude shoes from Spring.  They were bought in Canada but recently found out they already opened a shop here in PH. ;-)

Short Skirts

On Sale.  My new skirt which I got on sale from Topshop.  Paired with WAGW striped jacket. ;-)  Flats from Dorothy P. (on sale too!)  Waiting for my scores from Mango. Hahaha!!

Something old.  Again, at another meeting.  Wearing a Topshop floral loose top and Maldita pencil skirt.  My first to try a purple/gray combo.  Purple shoes from Zara. ;-)

Excited for My New Dresses

Extremely excited for my close friends this weekend.  My friend Liz is finally coming home from Melbourne and my friend Shiela from Singapore is giving birth.  Yeeeeeeeeeey!!! :D  Have a happy happy long weekend everyone!!!! :) :) :)

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