Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tweet Bits

I don't have any specific post for you today so let me just do a compilation of things that captured my attention for the last days.  Some of them posted in my online notebook - Twitter!  Haha!

#1  Halloween costume peg: Kim K as Poison Ivy!!

Oh and by now I suppose you already know she's divorcing Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage.  Yikes!  

#2  LSS!  Soundtrack of the long weekend should be Rihanna's Cheers (Drink to That!).  I am also loving her other two songs - Fly (a collaboration with Nicki Minaj who wore a leopard wig in the video - a leopard wig, get that!!!! haha!!) and We Found Love (featuring Calvin Harris who's rumored to be her new boyfriend. :P)

"Got my Ray Bans on and I'm feeling hella cool tonight."  My brother got for himself those sunnies that Rihanna wore in the video and I posted a photo here .  P.S.  I'm totally scheming how to borrow it from him from time to time.  Hahaha!!!  In the Fly video however, I'm totally digging Rihanna's red hair but I'm super entertained with Nicki Minaj's wig.  LOL!

#3  Summer November.  Just want to say something about the weather.  It's supposed to be colder by this time of the year but nopes, it feels very summer-y.  For the last two days, I had a back to back movie dates and I can't help but wear tube outfits.  :P  I watched Paranormal Activity 3 and In Time starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

I was feeling kinda brave after watching Paranormal Activity 3.  But of course, what d'ya expect from someone who closed her eyes on the scary scenes?? Mahaha!!  That I was able to tweet this around 7 PM.

@Cassey_Cakes: Wala namang kwenta yung paranormal 3 eh. - statement ng mga nakapikit tulad ko. Wahaha!

But come 11PM, I texted my brother asking his whereabouts and ETA at home so I can sleep in his room.  Wahaha!!

#4  Hair.  My hair is kinda messy already.  The curls were gone. :(  But I don't wanna go back to straight hair yet.  I'm still kinda enjoying the messy hair while it doesn't look that awful yet.  What you think?  But I saw this photo from the web.  I want my hair to grow like that.  How I wish.  Sigh.

And here are some of the Halloween outfits that I also liked:

Martine of

Alix of Cherry Blossom Girl.  Once again she amazed me with her photoshoot found in her blog.  Seems like Halloween is her favorite occasion. :P

That's just about it for me for now.  See you all in my next post. ;-)

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