Friday, September 02, 2011

Ways to Wear: Blush Vest

The vest was featured already in this post and again, for lack of good planning during the long weekend, I just decided to do some "dress rehearsals" and shoot.  So, I thought of showcasing ways where I'd wear the blush vest I got from Forever21.

#1 Cover-up for Dresses.  First dress is a floral one from MNG.

#2  Color-blocking.  Tis one's a sexay dress I got on sale from Warehouse.  It's kind of hard to do justice using this dress alone coz of the back detail.  Yay!  Either I just wear it on the beach or covered up or catch a cold whilst wearing it.  NOT!! :))  

You can easily guess I bought it for the bold color (aside from it being only Php700 that is. :P)

#3 Blending.  The pleated trousers below is something I've been hankering for sometime.  I wished they made it longer but I love the coral color and the pleats plus it's 70% marked down in Topshop. :P

My inspiration for the color-blending are these:

#4 Layering.  With another dress, a black one from Dorothy.  Shoes are the precise color of the vest from Zara. 

And I must really make good use of the holidays in the future. Pffft.


Anonymous said...

love these outfits!

CaseyCakes said...

thank you.. :)

vintage process said...

Great looks! I love it!!

CaseyCakes said...

thank you too. :)