Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Single Diaries: 4th

Just when you thought all of them are the same, someone walks into your life and blows  you away.  Sigh.

I met Alex.

His Iranian name is Aschen.  I iquipped right after saying “Kutcher?” coz I initially heard Ashton. Pfft.  Roll-eye to myself.  Blech! :)) I know right?  It’s crazy; he’s like the 4th already.  When I met the 3rd one, I already pre-empted the discussion the moment he uttered his opening lines.  I was like, “Let me guess, you are Persian?” Nod. “And you are taking up dentistry?” Nod.  “How did you know?” Blah.  He’s like the straw that broke the camel’s back and I promised my guy friend not to entertain the likes again.

But promises are meant to be broken, yay!  Aschen is different.  First off, he doesn’t associate himself with his countrymen here in PH.  He hates how they behave themselves here.  To quote him “they think it is paradise here” referring to their ways of partying and having a good time which is so much different from the strict kind of life they have back in their country.  While it’s true, I’m slowly learning from my “social experiment” with all of them, that the political condition has become worst in Iran, Alex didn’t give up without a fight.  Just before he came here, he was put behind bars for two months for publishing an article against the government in the newspaper.  He briefly told me how he got beaten down helplessly while inside the jail and how if not for his mother’s frequent pleas for him to stop he wouldn’t have left the country.

He wanna be an architect.  Actually he is just using this open land to get his papers for Australia.  *sigh* But he still loves his country so much that the moment there’s a slightest hint of change, he’ll come back in a heartbeat.  How very noble of him.

He is also into Muay Thai.  In fact he’s preparing himself for a match in the next months and has got me invited already.  I don’t think I have the heart to see that handsome face of him get bruised again. Sorry call me shallow for being weak on good-looking men but really, he’s a Justin Timberlake lookalike!  But even so, I’m all set to see those 6-pack that’s no doubt lurking beneath his jacket.  Yays!  He’s so strict on his diet that I can’t even tempt him to try my favorite Korean ice cream inside the store.

Almost two hours inside the Korean store and there I was spellbound with this guy in front of me talking about their land’s history.  In all fairness, thank Heavens for my slight interest in history as a subject when I was a sophie I was able to give out what I hope are witty comments.  The discussion even touched on Cyrus the Great’s era mind you.  Hahaha!!!  For someone like me who’s woefully ignorant on politics, keeping my attention in itself is already saying something.  He told me I remind him of his ex-girlfriend back in his country.  Yays!!! I ain’t sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. 

I know I’m breaking my promise to my friend, but atleast I can prove to him he’s different from the rest and that whatever happens, I can say he is a person worth knowing.  I hope I’m not wrong.  0_0


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