Monday, August 29, 2011

Hair Talk - Part 2!

 I never thought I'd say this soon, but I miss you already.................

LONG HAIR!!! It's been a month since I last combed my hair, whadaaaaaaap with that???? *sigh*

Don't get me wrong, I love having the curls for a change and having that "instant glam" factor to every wardrobe and everybody feels the same too.  It's either they like the "look update" and they wanna have it too or just "the curls itself" which I think are two different things.  Anyway, they're both flattering.  However, I miss those idle nights when I'll just sit infront of the mirror, making faces while brushing my hair 100 times, 100 times, 100 times......... Haha!!

To foreign readers, there's this ancient belief here that if you brush your hair repetitively at night, it'll grow longer faster. :P  Of course I don't subscribe to that idea but my way of doing it is just to show how I cherish my crowning glory.  Vanity, you may call it but it's not like I do it often.  Tissssssssss.......

Actually, the not combing" thing has its advantage too.  It saves me time from hair drying and combing after every shower but what I can't handle is the  hair loss.  Boo hoo. :(  Whenever I'd see loose strands I feel like...... I really feel like crying. Waaaaaaaah!!!! :((

Hey, this comes from a woman whose tip on the hairwasher at the salon depended much when she hears the magic word "Ma'am ang kapal po ng hair niyo." (Your hair is so thick.)  Enough said.  I pride myself for having tons of follicles in my head that's why when my Aunt (who had her fair share of hair styling during her teen years) told me that my hair might throw a tantrum on me for what I've recently done, I was never prepared for what I'd feel.  It's like I hit rock bottom.  I was depressed for days.  Yay!  But somehow I was able to get through it and decided to give more TLC to my hair.  Which is by investing in more products.  Pffft.  But here's to wishing to the hair fairy that once I decided to go back to my original hair, it'll still grow normally.  Beautifully.  Please.......... (-.-)

For now I enjoy its lightness, which means more hair whip at the gym without the pain in my nape.  Ha ha ha!!  I'll wait for the day when the curls would eventually loosen up and turn like that of my friend's Michelle as seen below. :)

friends that curl together.... :))
Meanwhile, here are the products I use to care for it....

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