Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Kardashians & Leo

Is it safe to say that one of the reasons why the leopard trend is still very much in these days is because of the Kardashians?? :))  Well, I'm not really their fan but it is always without fail that either one of them will be spotted in this animal print each time I check some Hollywood scoop websites.  :P

It's amazing how I've been collecting items in this print for about 2 years now,  I thought it is something temporary.  But it's good right?  I can make better use of my things.  So, today's business attire is a new top which I got very very cheap from a local store here, G. Gozun.  

I've always wanted a shirt or any top in this print and I thank my friend Joy from stopping me to buy a ridiculously priced one (x6 of this one) from Zara early this year. :P  I really have to have a police friend everytime I shop.  Haha!  Anyway I paired it up with a Mango pencil skirt and my leopard low-heel shoes from Aerosoles. ;-)  

Speaking of the Kardashians, or Kim for this matter alone, I got myself some inner underwear that can bring out the Kim K. in you.  LOL!  It was too bad my hips are really too non-existent I even had to cross my legs to make the effect more pronounced.  Wahaha!!

Happy weekend you guys! :D

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